India has always been a land of mystery. The facts of her beginning and the origin of her culture have been the subject of much contradiction. Some would pronounce her a land of late development and that her rock hewn temples and hoary monuments were built after the beginning of the Christian era. Rawlinson says of the early founders of Indian civilization, "Recent linguistic discoveries show that a Cushite race did in the earliest times extend itself along the southern shores of the continents from Abyssinia to India. The whole peninsula of India, the sea coast of Beluchistan and Kerman by the inscriptions belonged to this race." Wilford who had an extended and thorough knowledge of Hindu mythology points out that the Sanskrit writings describe the extended domains of the ancient Cushite empire. In these books are relations about early Egyptian history. It mentioned one of the emigrations going out from the Upper Nile as having peopled India. The Puranas divided the world into seven dwipas or divisions. Sancha Dwipa was Africa in general. Cusha Dwipa was the land of Cush, India and the Mediterranean.

Sun, surf and sand beck on thousands of sun-deprived tourists to India because it has the most mind-boggling varieties of beaches anywhere in the world. Placid lagoons and backwaters, marine estuaries teeming with fish, bays and rough lava-rocked seas, crashing surf, pure powdery golden sand or palm fringed shores where the mind is soothed by serene murmurs of the sea - you have them all.


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